Eskens Tinting Solutions offers a complete service and maintenance package for all paint-mixing machines, paint shakers & mixer brands. Our motivated SCC-team of service engineers, planners and helpdesk staff are always on hand and guarantee short response times, minimum machine downtime and rapid delivery times for spare parts.


We handle the maintenance of all brands of paint-mixing machines, paint shakers and paint mixers based on preventive maintenance (maintenance contracts) or periodic maintenance upon request. Regular maintenance will ensure a longer lease of life for your paint-mixing machine. It will be safe to use thanks to the regular inspections performed by our engineers and you will avoid (expensive) downtime. We provide maintenance for Corob, Collomix, Dromont and Fast&Fluid.


Eskens Tinting Solutions also completely installs your paint-mixing machines, paint shakers or paint mixers. This can be carried out on location or by way of the Plug and Play principle. The paint-mixing machine is already completely pre-installed in our workshop and it is then just a question of Plug and Play. On location, our engineers provide an explanation about the daily use of the paint-mixing machine, what you should watch out for as user and provide software training. After which, you can start using your paint-mixing machine straightaway.

Failure of paint dispenser, shaker or mixer?
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