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The DYNO-MILL ECM-AP “Advanced Performance” grinding mills are high-energy grinding mills which are designed to grind particles down to the nano range. The unique WAB accelerators ensure optimal energy transfer within the mill for processing larger product volumes with relatively small grinding chambers.

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  • ECM-AP2 – 1,9 l. grinding chambre volume, 11 kW motor
  • ECM-AP10 – 9 l. grinding chambre volume, 30-37 kW motor
  • ECM-AP20 – 21 l. grinding chambre volume, 44-58 kW motor
  • ECM-AP60 – 62 l. grinding chambre volume, 100-132 kW motor


  • increased production
  • suitable for high viscosity products
  • also processes foaming products
  • little loss of product from a product change
  • longer life time of the screen
  • easy in operation and maintenance


  • agrochemicals, cellulose/ pulp, printing inks, paints/coatings, ceramic/glass, food, life science, microbiology, pigments/dyes, nano applications

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