Horizontale balenpers HSM HL 4812 front

Horizontal baling presses

The horizontal baling presses of HSM are extremely suitable for the industrial sector. In addition to the pressing of paper, cardboard, and films are these horizontal baling presses often used for the compression of hollow objects, cans, buckets, drums, car tires and many more.

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  • HSM Horizontal Balerspressing power from 80 kN to 400 kN
  • bale weight up to 600 kg
  • large loading aperture and low height
  • the pressure plate moves horizontally compressed against a counter plate
  • filling: manual or automatic
  • ligation of the bale: manual, with polyester tape (on a roll) or wire (HSM HL 3521)


  • an economic and ecological solution for disposing of cans, buckets, barrels, paper and cardboard waste
  • highly reliable and user friendly
  • flexible
  • longevity Innovative control system
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