Continuous Ploughshare Mixer KM Loedige

Mixers and granulators

Mixers and granulators from Lödige are ideal for rapidly achieving a very homogeneous granulation due to their shape and concept. Lödige specializes in the design and manufacture of horizontal ploughshare mixers. The specific features of your products and the desired outcome will determine:

  • the extent of the mixing granulator mill
  • shape of ploughshares
  • the number of mixers and the shape of the mixing blades
  • the location of the moisture addition
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  • granulators tailored to your needs
  • with custom built-in mixers
  • with several options for adding liquids
  • in stainless steel or painted
  • with double heating mantle or not
  • also single pot solutions (mixing, granulation, drying, coating)


  • GMP/WIP standard design
  • Lödige also has years of experience in continuous granulation


  • suitable for many industries such as pharmaceuticals (mixing, coating), food and cosmetics, construction, chemical and recycling
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