Ploughshare food mixer

Ploughshare mixers

Ploughshare mixers from Lödige are used for both batch and continuous mixing processes. Lödige is specialized in designing and manufacturing of Ploughshare mixers. The strength of Lödige is that everything comes from one source: the concept, the engineering and the production of the mixer is entirely managed at Lödige in Germany. The process guidance and after-sales service is also completely handled by Lödige. No surprises, only solid German quality.

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Ploughshare food mixer
Batch mixer L50 Loedige
Laboratorium mixer L5_Loedige
Ploegschaarmenger met reinigingsluik Loedige
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  • tailored mixers for your process
  • for both batch and continuous processes
  • with or without built-in mixers
  • with several options for adding liquids
  • fully stainless steel or lacquered
  • double jacket (cooling or heating) or not
  • inlet, outlet and inspection hatches as required
  • ATEX


  • suitable for many industries such as pharmaceuticals (mixing, coating), food and cosmetics, construction, chemical and recycling


  • GMP/WIP standard design
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