Eskens Tinting Solutions

Eskens Tinting Solutions is active in the Benelux, the UK, France and Switzerland (via France) as a service and maintenance organisation. We employ a total of 29 engineers. Ten of which are active in the Benelux. In the other European countries but also beyond, we work with partners to carry out your service and maintenance work.

Advantages of working with Eskens Tinting Solutions

Single point of contact
The major advantage of working with one organisation is the fact that you have a single point of contact. We ensure good and smooth implementation of service and maintenance work, installation of new paint-mixing machines as well as any revision activities.

Eskens Tinting Solutions has a multilingual helpdesk (Dutch, German, English, French). Most of the breakdowns reported to us can be resolved over the telephone; if this is not the case then we pay a visit to your paint-mixing machine within 24 hours.

Spare parts
Eskens Tinting Solutions’ warehouse is stocked with over 15,000 parts. Our engineers also have working stocks in their service vehicles. This means we are able to help you and your customer very quickly.

Service reports
After each visit, you receive a service report from our employees. This contains a clear description of the performed work. During the work, all activities and any areas for attention are photographed.

CRM systeem
Eskens Tinting Solutions has a CRM system in which all customers, machines and performed work is stored. Customers’ entire histories can be called up at the click of a button.

The service vehicles of Eskens Tinting Solutions are equipped with a Track and Trace system, which means you can always stay up to date on the travel time of our engineers.