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Cosmetic Solutions


Innovative solutions

Eskens Customized Solutions (ECS) has developed an innovative patented system with which cosmetic brands can give their customers a personal experience.

Our modular system is capable of dosing liquid cosmetic products into a personalized and unique cosmetic product for the consumer.

We design and produce this equipment. Everything in close collaboration with our customer. We also provide aftercare and service.

Experience in the market

For the fastest growing cosmetic retailer in the Netherlands, we have designed, produced and installed our innovation for their Advanced Natural Haircare products in Europe.



For the consumer the possibility to make a unique product for every type of hair from different combinations.



On-the-spot creation of the unique product.
Wireless control via tablet and personalized label on the final package.


Semi-automatic where the consumer is assisted by a specialist who makes the personal product for your hair.


Choose from different options to create your own personalized cosmetic product. This can be done on the spot in the store where you create or create your product.

We believe that care should be unique just like you!

Image of cosmetics lip splash

Consumer Personalize Own Product





Image of cosmetics lip gloss

Creation Product Realization

Consumer data



Eskens Customized Solutions - Share your personal product illustration

Share Your Personal Product

Customer loyalty


Patented Cartridge system

Our modular cartridge system is developed and can be used for all kinds of liquid cosmetic products.

  • Easily interchangeable
  • Recyclable materials
  • Clean and hygienic

The modular system allows you to assemble your ideal device to give your customer the experience that your brand radiates.

This allows consumers to compile their personalized cosmetics from your product in the shop and via the internet.


From foundations to body creams or lip gloss to shampoos, our system offers the possibility to be able to dose products with different properties in the right quantities in order to give the consumer a suitable and personal experience for him / her.

From manual to fully automatic dosing solutions, entirely in accordance with the specifications and image for your cosmetic brand. Completely in line with your branding, you can give your customer your unique product.


In a consumer market, “experience” is the keyword. Maintaining your customers / consumers is all about appreciation and experience. There is no greater expression of appreciation and happiness for customers to be able to create their own product, entirely according to their wishes.

Eskens Customized Solutions has developed an innovative solution, with which cosmetic brands give their customers access to personalized products.


We develop our software and are able to offer solutions:

  • User interface for the end user.
  • For online sales.
  • Control of the equipment.
  • Wireless connections.


Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

Design / Service

From in-house design, prototype construction to final production / assembly and installation in the stores. The worldwide installed systems are monitored online, so that we are able to support your brand at all times. In addition, we also provide the physical service for maintenance.

  • Service network
  • Online monitoring
  • Service desk