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Cosmetic Solutions


Who are we?

Eskens Customized Solutions are a specialist in dosing and dispensing technology who have developed an innovative patented system capable of dosing a variety of liquids. Our highly skilled engineers build in-store custom-formulated solutions for the cosmetic professional & retail industry.

Customized Solutions

What do we do?

We build and develop customized solutions for our clients to deliver the best in-store custom-formulated or personalised product experience. In close collaboration with our clients, we offer a full design service and software development to support a fully operational custom formulation system or personalised system for your business.

What we have done

To date, we have completed and supported over 70 projects across Europe, working exclusively with our patented technology, customized software and leading support, helping companies of the future to create in-store customized and personalised products.

Customized Solutions

What can we do for you?

We are the right partner if you are looking to move into the personalised or custom-formulated retail arena. With our in-house design team and prototype construction through to final production /assembly and installation, we can support you on your journey into the world of custom-formulated and personalised solutions.