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EVOshake 500 paint shaker

EVOshake is a vibrational shaker that summarizes the best solutions available in the market. Strong mechanics, user friendly operations and sound-absorbing frame makes EVOshake to a top performing paint shaker of its class.


The machine has been designed to select the correct parameters to optimize shaking time, speed, direction and ramp up/down for you. Personal settings can be chosen on-spot or at configuration level. The door opens automatically once the shaking cycle has been finished. Additionally, EVOshake can be extended with front loading tray and a roller to facilitate the entrance into the clamping area.

EVOshake is suitable for low to medium viscosity products. It is ideal for medium to smaller sized cans of the maximum weight of 40 kg. EVOshake is suitable for professional paint stores, DIY retailers and paint wholesalers.

Vibrational shaker EVOshake 500
Vibrational shaker EVOshake 500 control panel
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• type: vibrational shaker
• type of cans: Round / Square / Oval
• can handling: 40 kg (77 lbs)
• maximum can height: 410mm (16.1 in)
• footprint: 0,45 m2 (4.8 ft2)


• Automatic selection of the shaking time and speed.
• Extremely strong mechanics for repetitive daily use.
• Sound-absorbing frame.
• Intelligent control software enables easy operations.
• Door opens automatically once the shaking cycle has been finished.


• automotive paints
• paints and coatings
• inks
• adhesives
• dispersions
• cosmetic products
• plasters
• food analysis

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