TURBULA shaker mixer

The TURBULA shaker mixer is a 3-dimensional shaker/mixer for fast and homogeneous mixing of powder substances of different weights, and particle sizes, whether or not in combination with liquids. The TURBULA works with the Schatz geometry theory and achieves optimum mixing results. The Turbula® is designed in three types and available with a wide variety of product containers.


TURBULA_T10B_ shaker_mixer
TURBULA_T50A_ shaker_mixer
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  • TURBULA T2F  with mixing containers to 2 l. – suitable for all industries and applications, especially in R & D and analysis
  • TURBULA T10B with mixing containers to 17 l. – suitable for pharmacy, sintered metals and ceramic materials
  • TURBULA 50 with mixing containers to 50 l. – suitable for pharmacy, sintered metals, ceramic materials and sensitive materials


  • easy to use
  • maintenance
  • an absolutely dust-free mixing process
  • no product separation


  • diamond tools, electrical technology, sintered metals, ceramics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, analyses
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