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Second hand machines

If you are interested in a second hand bead mill or dissolver, please let us know.

In our workshop we dismantle, clean and rebuild old machines. We only use original spare parts, revise everything, install new pumps and controls, and give the machine a new layer of paint. We sell these machines at a reasonable price and give a warranty on them.

So if you have an old bead mill or dissolver that you don’t use anymore, please let us know.

Send us an e-mail for more information
or call +31 172 46 80 46
or call (BE) +32 15 45 15 00

Second hand machines

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We will reply immediately: info@eskens.com.

Or call us: +31 172 46 80 36 (Netherlands) or +32 15 45 15 00 (Belgium and Luxembourg).