13 October 2020

RHEWUM develops noise control solution for screening machines

RHEWUM developed an efficient sound insulation for your screening machines To reduce the noise emission of your screening machine, RHEWUM developed an innovative and cost-effective sound insulation cover.
14 August 2020

New : the cost-efficient LC light tablet coater by Lödige Process Technology

Lödige Process Technology presents an entirely new model range of tablet coaters: The LC light series, which is characterized by its standardized design.
13 August 2020

Fine grinding and homogeneous mixing of nuts, seeds or beans in a PUC colloid mill

One of the most well known examples of grinding nuts is the production of Peanut Butter
13 August 2020

DYNO®-MILL bead mills used for Eco-efficient production methods

DYNO®-MILL grinding mills are used in a wide variety of other industries, and since a few years, many new applications that have to do with eco-efficient production processes are very popular.
29 April 2020

DYNO®-MILL UBM now also can work with 0.2 mm grinding beads

We can now also use the very small Tosoh beads of 0.2 mm in the DYNO®-MILL UBM bead mills. This gives our customer the opportunity to go further down in particle size without having to invest in an expensive complete creamic bead mill.
9 April 2020

Rhewum GeniusDrive : New vibration motors for Rhewum screening machines.

In order to guarantee the high standards of the Rhewum screening machines, conveyors and feeders, RHEWUM AG decided to start building the vibration motors for these machines in-house.
23 March 2020

EVA vacuum de-aeration units of Probst Und Class used for the production of grease

Probst Und Class, the manufacturer of Colloid Mills, also makes complete production units for the production of greases from NLGI 0 to NLGI 6. In these units, the EVA vacuum de-aeration systems are used for the continuous de-aeration of these grease products.
28 February 2020

NEW: Eskens R-Mikxs now available in two versions

A few years ago Eskens Process Solutions developed the Eskens R-Mikxs, a mixer / dissolver for mixing paint or coatings in buckets and pots of 5 to 20 liters. This mixer is very much appreciated by our customers. Hence the development of a new R-Mikxs version without roller conveyor, suitable for buckets and vessels of 20 to 100 liters with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.
18 February 2020

Lödige mixers for food and dental applications

The German company ‘Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH’ celebrated its 80th birthday last year. The company from Paderborn is best known for its horizontal ploughshare mixers that can handle the most special and complex processes. Also in the food sector and the dentistry sector there are a number of mixing processes that require high accuracy and cleanability, and for which Lödige produces the appropriate machines.