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Your partner in processing of bulk goods

With the TURBULA® and the ® mixers from Willy A. Bachofen AG, as well as with the horizontal mixers from the German manufacturer Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, Eskens Process Solutions always offers you the right solution for your mixing projects.

Turbula® mixers

The TURBULA® mixer or shaker is a three-dimensional batch mixer for the fast and homogeneous mixing of powder substances of different weights and particle sizes, possibly in combination with liquids. The TURBULA® works according to the Schatz geometric principle and always delivers an optimum mixing result. The Turbula® is available in 3 sizes.


Turbula® mixers

Turbula® 2 G

  • The TURBULA® mixers produce homogeneous mixtures of powdered components with different specific weights and particle sizes.
  • Dry-liquid and liquid-liquid mixtures are also possible.
  • The mixing process takes place in a completely closed container and is therefore hygienic and dust-free.
  • The TURBULA® mixers can use containers of different sizes and shapes.
  • Easily accessible container holder for quick container change

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Turbula® 2 GE

Its user-friendly interface through the control panel with intuitive touch screen, PLC-based control and the possibility to obtain a data journal via Ethernet make this new TURBULA®2 GE an innovative product for your application.

  • Start/Stop function
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Recipe management (up to 20 recipes)
  • Timer function
  • PLC-based control
  • infinitely variable speed regulation: 23 to 101 1/min
  • Password-protected operation



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Turbula® mixers
Turbula® mixers

Turbula®T 10

  • The TURBULA® T10 B mixing basket can hold standard containers with a maximum volume of 17 liters.
  • Special inserts can be used to mix products in smaller containers.
  • The movement of the mixing basket is controlled by a silent pendulum chain drive.
  • The speed can be varied by adjusting the position of the round drive belt on the 4-step pulleys.
  • This mixer is often used for Pharmaceutical mixing, mixing of sintered materials and ceramic materials.

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