Afvullmachine Scandinavian Automation

Filling machines for liquids

Filling machines for filling low-viscous liquids, such as paints, lacquers, varnishes, wood protectors, oil and similar of the make SCANDINAVIAN AUTOMATION are manufactured in Denmark and installed and maintained by Eskens service technicians.

These filling machines have been designed in accordance with the ‘High-Tech Simplicity’ philosophy, whereby we assume that the optimal solution for filling liquids does not need to be complex, expensive and complicated. SCANDINAVIAN AUTOMATION works with a modular system of machine blocks which are coupled together and so form an affordable solution for each customer for filling plastic or metal pots, tins, buckets, cans and drums.

SCANDINAVIAN AUTOMATION manufactures both gravimetric filling machines and volumetric filling machines and also has an adapted solution for filling difficult products, such as foaming products or products that release a gas.

Reliability, flexibility and affordability are the most important characteristics here. We are always seeking to optimise your production process and to increase your efficiency and moreover we can always guarantee you a local and thus prompt maintenance or repair service.

Afvullmachine voor vloeistoffen
Afvullmachine voor vloeistoffen
Afvullmachine Scandinavian Automation
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  • Volumetric filling
  • Gravimetric filling
  • Filling of tins, pots, buckets, drums, cans and bottles


  • A modular system of machine blocks that offers you the possibility of converting a semi-automatic filling machine into a fully-automatic filling line at a later date
  • Local installation and service department


  • paints, lacquers, varnishes and paste
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