Filling machines for cartridges

The cartridge filling machines of the German machinery manufacturer Schwerdtel GmbH are technically high quality systems that are able to combine extremely high speeds with an incredible accuracy. The Schwerdtel machines have been designed for filling cartridges with extremely viscous products.

The new model in the extensive range of Schwerdtel GmbH is the CF-60 which is more ergonomically designed and in which most maintenance-sensitive components have been attached to the machine using magnets and therefore can be easily removed without using tools. These machines are available for silicones as well as for fats.

  • SD-H – a semi-automatic filling machine, good for 10 to 15 cartridges per minute
  • S 8: the standard machine for the vertical or horizontal filling of cartridges. Fills between 25 and 45 cartridges per minute
  • SF60: The most recent high-tech Schwerdtel machine for filling 50 and more cartridges per minute. Ergonomic design, extremely maintenance friendly
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  • filling, skimming and closing cartridges combined in just one machine
  • a fully-automatic Schwerdtel case packer can be installed behind this machine for packing the cartridges (e.g. per 12 items)
  • The pastes or silicones can also be coloured while filling


  • air-free, accurate and fast filling
  • user-friendly and maintenance friendly
  • long service life
  • one complete system from just one manufacturer: Schwerdtel


  • Silicones
  • Filling pastes
  • Adhesives
  • Fats
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