ECM-AP05 met maalkamer


The DYNO-MILL ECM-AP 05 laboratory grinding mill is the new lab mill within the range of “Advanced Performance” grinders and is suitable for grinding small batches from 1 l. The DYNO-MILL 05 laboratory grinding mill makes it possible to grind particles into the Nano-range by using the smallest grinding beads. The grinding results can be scaled up to larger volumes for grinding in larger DYNO-MILL ECM-AP mills.

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  • the machine casing executed out of stainless steel
  • grinding chamber with  a capacity of 500 ml
  • grinding beads from 0.1 mm


  • also suitable for highly viscous products
  • various data processing systems available


  • agrochemicals, cellulose/ pulp, printing inks, paints/coatings – ceramic/glass, food, life science, microbiology, pigments/dyes, nano applications
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