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When Theodoor Simon Eskens founded his trading company in 1898, he could not have imagined that his name would live on for so long.

Back in time

When Theodoor Simon Eskens founded his trading company in 1898, he could not have imagined that his name would live on for so long. Although the current company is no longer comparable with the company he started then, Hiswe cherish our history

2021: Central SAT changes name

Central SAT changes name and continues as Eskens Tinting Solutions France. In addition, the office will move to brand new premises in Mandelieu La Napoule.

2018: Eskens Tinting Solutions becomes 100% owner of Stort Eskens

After years of a joint venture between Eskens Tinting Solutions and Stort Eskens, Eskens Tinting Solutions acquired the remaining shares of Stort Eskens in 2018. Stort Eskens will continue as Eskens Tinting Solutions UK Ltd


2015: two familiar faces join as a shareholder

Remko Burggraaf and Jelle-Julius Carter become co-shareholders of Eskens Tinting Solutions B.V.


2015: Eskens Tinting Solutions acquires a majority stake in Central S.A.T.

Eskens Tinting Solutions continues to grow and acquires a majority stake in the French service and maintenance company Central S.A.T.


2014: from family business to a group

The most recent milestone in our history is the founding of the Eskens Group and the splitting of Eskens Benelux into Eskens Tinting Solutions B.V. and Eskens Process Solutions B.V. Indeed, in 2014, growth appears to be so stable that a different form of organization is needed to prepare the company for the future. The atmosphere of a family business remains, but the professionalization continues.


2006: a new generation takes the wheel

In 2006, all Eskens shares are transferred from Martien Seijsener to Bas Seijsener and Joost Poot. In 2007, they supervise the joint venture between Eskens Poland and ICH Zaanstad and start selling CPS Color color pastes. In the same year Eskens Industrial Cleaning was established.


1995: Eskens starts selling Corob color mixing machines

Eskens obtains the agency for color mixing machines from COROB. This is the first step to the specialized division that will later be called ‘Eskens Tinting Solutions’. Meanwhile Bas Seijsener and Joost Poot, both related to Martien joined the company. After 100 years, the year 1998 marks a new period of expansion.


1989: besides sales also service

Eskens starts its own service department for the equipment it supplies. From a real sales organization the company grows into a total solution supplier. The first in-house technicians are employed, and thanks to them, our customers are assured of continuity and reliability.


1981: from Amstelveen to Ede and to Alphen aan den Rijn

Martien Seijsener, who joined Eskens in 1975, takes over the trading company. He will introduce the company in the twentieth century, with an expansion across national borders and with the introduction of new agencies. The company moves to Ede and in 1984 to Alphen aan den Rijn.

1898: the very beginning

At the end of the nineteenth century, the founder of our company, Theodoor Simon Eskens, started a trading company for raw materials in industry at 5 Thorbeckeplein in Amsterdam. We honor his name, just as his initials are still included in our logo.