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New Ploughshare® Batch Mixer series FKM LS by Lödige

By introducing a series of standardized mixers, Lödige can now considerably shorten the delivery times and offer an attractive pricing for very high quality machines.

Lödige Process Solution is well known for its customized solutions. Lödige produces all its Mixers in the factory of the headquarters in Paderborn/Germany, and builds them according to the requirements of the customer. Sometimes these machines have very exotic shapes and accessories to be able to deliver the perfect result of the process the customer wants. Building such machines is only possible with extensive calculation- and design work followed by a lot of semi-manual manipulations and finetuning. This of course comes with a cost which, for more simple machines, is often too high.

By introducing these Light series, Lödige now can supply Ploughshare® Batch Mixers of the L and FKM series much faster (delivery times of 4 to 5 months) and at a reduced price. These “Light Series” mixers will still be produced in the German Headquarters of Lödige, and designed for the treatment of powdered, granular, or fibrous bulk solids, but they will only exist in sizes up to 3000 liters, and have a standardized design developed for a clearly defined range of functions.

The standardized quotations for these Light Series mixers will still mention a  large number of standardized options permitting an optimal adaptation to the relevant product and process requirements. For instance, separately driven choppers rotating at high speeds; liquid injectors; a product thermometer; different control systems and an explosion proof ATEX version. But the basic design will be standardized.