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Since 2019 the research and development team of the Willy A. Bachofen AG (WAB) has been working intensely on a solution for a greener future in the chemical industry.

Last year WAB showed the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® on the European Caoting Show and since then the interest in this innovative product has been growing very fast.


The WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® is a patented inductively heated agitator bead mill reactor for continuous mechanochemistry. An inductor arranged around the agitator elements heats the reactants up to +160 °C. The grinding media in the reactor chamber guarantee a high and uniform mechanical energy input and excellent surface renewal of the reactants. This makes the chemical reactions more efficient. At the same time, less toxic waste is produced, which results in a reduction of production costs.



Recently WAB installed an additional prototype of the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® in the WAB Process Technology Centre in Muttenz. With this ideal set-up, WAB will be able to run trials in a pilot stage with their research partners and will support international customers in their product developments..


In CHIMIA (2023, 77, No. 5), a scientific journal for chemistry, published an article about the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR®.

The article describes what mechanochemistry is and its importance for a greener future in chemical industries. Moreover, it explains the gap which the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR® is closing, namely the missing of suitable and scalable equipment to taking this technology out of the research laboratory for use in industrial applications. You can find the article here: https://www.chimia.ch/chimia/article/view/2023_370/6229

If you want more information on the WAB IMPA°CT REACTOR®, or if you would like to test the possibilities of this reactor for your applications, please contact Eskens Process Solutions via info@eskens.com.


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