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DYNO®-MILL bead mills used for Eco-efficient production methods

Originally, DYNO® -MILL grinding mills were mainly used in the paint industry and the agro chemistry to disperse powders in a liquid and to reduce the size of the powder particles.

Today, the latest models of the DYNO®-MILL grinding mills are also used in a wide variety of other industries such as the pharmaceutical sector, the food industry, and in the production of cosmetics.

New are the many applications that have to do with the trend towards a more eco-efficient production.

Some examples:

  1. In the DYNO®-MILL ECM AP machines, pigments are reduced to the Nano range to optimize the color strength or the scratch resistance of paint with a minimum use of product.
  2. Cells of algae are broken and opened in the DYNO®-MILL grinding mills to make all kinds of useful substances accessible so that they can be extracted from these cells.
  3. DYNO®-MILL mills are also used for grinding all kinds of insect-based masses. The obtained semi-finished products then serve as a source of protein in food products, form the basis of meat substitutes in meals or are used as a biological colorant.
  4. DYNO®-MILL grinding mills can also be used to grind and process plant extracts in order to harvest all kind of useful components.

Within the WAB-group product development has always been very important.

Not only are the WAB engineers constantly exploring new materials and product designs to improve the functionality of the DYNO®-MILL machines, but together with product specialists and lab-engineers they are constantly assisting potential customers during grinding tests used for new product development.

The laboratory of the WAB group is fully equipped with different types of DYNO®-MILL bead mills and can also be used for the safe processing of dangerous or unhealthy products. The grinding results obtained are immediately measured in the analysis lab on one of the Malvern Mastersizer 3000 devices that they have available.

27 January 2021

Müller AG Processing : A new company with a lot of experience

The Müller Group merges the plant construction activities of the Müller GmbH, Müller AG Cleaning Solutions and Müller AG Intralogistics companies into the new Müller AG Processing with head office in Münchenstein (Switzerland).