Lödige mixers for food and dental applications

For complex mixing processes, industrial customers rely primarily on well-known German machine manufacturers such as “Gebrüder Lödige Maschienenbau GmbH”. Lödige has been building high-tech ploughshare mixers for 80 years according to specifications that are discussed and recorded with the customer. For example, Lödige builds machines that must be able to mix under high pressure or under vacuum, robust mixers with an extremely wear-resistant coating. Large reactors of 10,000 liters and more, but also extremely accurate finished lab machines and mixers in stainless steel for the ‘fine’ industries such as the food industry, the cosmetics or the pharmaceutical industry.

For the food sector or for the production of dental mixtures, Lödige has produced in recent years;

  • Mixers for mixing herbs, toppings and ingredients for dry soups or breakfast mixes.
  • Mixers for the coating of sugar for the bakery sector and the coating of citric acid for the meat sector.
  • Mixers for making dental pastes, machines with specially coated drums to avoid any kind of pollution.
  • Mixers for tea mixes that could be mixed but not broken.
  • Mixers for compacting coffee powders intended for pads and cups.


14 August 2020

New : the cost-efficient LC light tablet coater by Lödige Process Technology

Lödige Process Technology presents an entirely new model range of tablet coaters: The LC light series, which is characterized by its standardized design.
13 August 2020

Fine grinding and homogeneous mixing of nuts, seeds or beans in a PUC colloid mill

One of the most well known examples of grinding nuts is the production of Peanut Butter
13 August 2020

DYNO®-MILL bead mills used for Eco-efficient production methods

DYNO®-MILL grinding mills are used in a wide variety of other industries, and since a few years, many new applications that have to do with eco-efficient production processes are very popular.