NEW: Eskens R-Mikxs now available in two versions

A few years ago Eskens Process Solutions developed the Eskens R-Mikxs, a mixer / dissolver for mixing paint or coatings in buckets and pots of 5 to 20 liters.
These mixers were initially designed for customers of Eskens Tinting Solutions who were looking for a solution to bring pots in which pigments were dosed under the mixer via a roller conveyor, immobilize them and then mix them quickly and safely.

This mixer is very much appreciated by our customers because it is stable, reliable, safe and easy to clean … so soon there was a demand to also make a version that could handle slightly larger volumes.

Hence the development of a new R-Mikxs version without roller conveyor, suitable for buckets and vessels of 20 to 100 liters with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.
The R-Mikxs is equipped with a 4 kw motor and achieves speeds of 150 to 1500 rpm. At the start the machine will always start up at a low speed, but after that, the frequency controlled motor can increase and decrease the speed limitlessly.
The control panel has a safe two-button operation and the switch cabinet is nicely splash-free mounted at the rear of the mixer.
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14 August 2020

New : the cost-efficient LC light tablet coater by Lödige Process Technology

Lödige Process Technology presents an entirely new model range of tablet coaters: The LC light series, which is characterized by its standardized design.
13 August 2020

Fine grinding and homogeneous mixing of nuts, seeds or beans in a PUC colloid mill

One of the most well known examples of grinding nuts is the production of Peanut Butter
13 August 2020

DYNO®-MILL bead mills used for Eco-efficient production methods

DYNO®-MILL grinding mills are used in a wide variety of other industries, and since a few years, many new applications that have to do with eco-efficient production processes are very popular.