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RHEWUM develops noise control solution for screening machines

Screening machines are usually not the quietest machines in the production chain. The vibration of the screen cloth, in combination with the jumping up and down of the product racing over the machine at high speeds, causes a constant noise. To limit this noise level, Rhewum has been supplying machines with a full metal housing for some time now. Installing such a housing on an existing machine is very time-consuming and therefore not cost-efficient.
That is why the engineers at Rhewum looked for a different solution and, together with a supplier, developed an insulating tarpaulin that is tailor made for the machine in question. It consists of a sturdy yet flexible material with an acoustic membrane that absorbs sound very well.
This tarpaulin can reduce the noise level of the machine by 8 dB, which corresponds to approximately halving the perceived noise level.

Because it is so flexible, the tarpaulin can easily be mounted on the machine. Important maintenance openings remain accessible because the tarpaulin has flaps at these crucial points that can be easily zipped open.
Do you also want to reduce the noise emissions from your screening machine? … please contact us and we will calculate for you what such an insulation cloth would cost.


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