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Starting from the 18th of October RHEWUM is organizing a roadshow in the Benelux.

During two weeks the RHEWUM team travels from customer to customer with a small screening machine on a trailer to give on site demonstrations.

The machine in question is the RHEWUM WA(U), an inclined screening machine in which the screen cloth is hit from the bottom by knocker bars, causing the particles to jump up and fall down again on the screen cloth. This results in very accurate fractions. The WA(U) sieving machines are mainly used for products with fine (from 100 µm on) to medium sized particles. Due to the pre-set cleaning cycle, this type of sieve also processes sticky products or products that easily get stuck in the sieve cloth due to their shape.

During this roadshow, the RHEWUM employees will give you a demonstration on site, explain you how the machine works, and answer all your questions. This demo can be done with products that you provide yourself or with a test batch that the RHEWUM engineer brings along.

If you are interested in this roadshow, please register via this link https://www2.rhewum.com/en/roadshow, or send us an email info@eskens.com , and we will see when the Rhewum truck can visit you.