Air Classifier

The Air Classifier of Rhewum is a high-efficiency screen or air classifier for accurate separation of particles. The Air Classifier is particularly suitable for separation processes where at the same time a large flow rate is requiered and also a very fine separation. The modular design of the Air Classifier is suitable for many applications. There are two different types: Air Classifier AWR and ABX Air Classifier.

Air Classifier AWR principle_Rhewum
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  • flow: 2-30 tons / hour
  • possible fractions: 20-200 microns
  • high dust load up to 700 g / Nm3 at a pressure drop of only 9 to 12 mbar


  • low operating costs
  • low wear costs due to the optimal geometric implementation of the sifter
  • versatile


  • feed, building materials such as cement, fly ash, gypsum, quartz, charcoal, cellulose, pigments and colorants, silica, sodium bicarbonate, varnish, zirconium oxide, potato starch, flour, calcium carbonate, graphite, talc, refractory materials, rare earth, wax, PVC, toner and much more
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